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  illustration & craft   

  in the Hudson valley, Upstate NY, Usa 


I'm an artist and early childhood educator living and loving in the Hudson River Valley in Upstate NY, USA. 


My work as an artist is about resonance. I feel absolutely compelled to consider each tiny detail, every shade, the animated luminous expanse of sky on a wintry evening. My illustration practice is an outlet for my emergent understanding and immense gratitude for the beauty, complexity and interconnection of life. 

I have illustrated educational material, children's books, ID and brands, logos, and tattoos. Most recently, I've created coloring pages of progressive and powerful peacemakers in human history, which I give away to schools for free. I aspire to create a coloring book with little bios and portraits of all these peacemakers. 

My work is on display in private & public collections around the world, including South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala,

Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Russia and Japan.


Let's connect!

Contact me via email:  jillian.maeve(AT)



Crystal Vision, pattern by Jillian Maeve, 2017
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